Blog-Pic-mobilepayments-2In today’s world, the Internet can rarely be avoided because it’s not only on our computers but on our phones and tablets as well. This has caused many adjustments to our daily routines, including the way we pay for goods and services – specifically through mobile payments.

As a service provider, you may have noticed an evolution in how you accept card-based payments from standard terminals to mobile payment apps on smartphones and tablets. This evolution works in your favor because mobile payment gateways are perfect for businesses like yours that send employees to job sites where customers will want to make payments to you.

One of the benefits to you is convenience. With gateways, like EDPS’s Swoosh ePay™, you can swipe debit and credit cards on job sites and get next-day funding. Another benefit to accepting mobile payments is the enhanced chargeback protection you get because you’re swiping cards face-to-face, thereby reducing the risk of receiving a chargeback. Mobile payments can also be lower cost because it is always less costly to swipe cards than it is to hand-key the information.

The Swoosh ePay reader is compatible with Apple & Android devices.

The Swoosh ePay reader is compatible with Apple & Android devices.

Accepting mobile payments is also a prime marketing tool for your business. It provides opportunity to enhance connections with current customers and to generate interest with future customers. According to an article on, mobile payment options are viewed as innovative by consumers and create a competitive advantage against those in your industry.

While this may seem like a shiny new object only to fade away in a few months, studies are showing that mobile payments are revolutionizing how consumers are spending money. According to a Business Wire® article prediction, most consumers will be using their smartphones for routine, daily payment transactions by 2019.

In order to improve customer experience and continue success, businesses need to be able to provide efficient and convenient payment solutions at a lower cost. Mobile payments can be that solution.

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