Compilation of Customer Service Quotes

Whether your business experiences feast or famine during the holiday season, customer service is something that should be at the front of our minds. It’s easy to become overwhelmed when you’re bursting at the seams with inventory and every customer is in a bigger hurry than the last. This is a special time for most customers and their stress levels are through the roof! They will remember this experience. They will remember the retailer who nearly ruined their loved one’s gift. They will remember the cold meal they ate after hours of grueling holiday preparation. Then next year, they won’t […]

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Productivity Tips

Let’s move beyond credit card processing, to a goal that all businesses strive for: increased productivity. We’ve brainstormed some tips for you. If you have found any useful tips or tricks we haven’t mentioned. We encourage you to comment and let us know!

Block out distractions: You may not have thought of email,¬†instant¬†messengers, or your phone as a distraction, because you use these items to for important communication. You certainly don’t want to miss a call from your boss, right? Wrong. If you’re expecting a call or email, by all means, keep an eye on your inbox! But in the long […]

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